When we talk about good taste and delicious clean food, it is abbreviated as “Samad”.
Since the opening of Samad Iraqi Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, this restaurant has turned into a special name known to all locals and tourists alike, and many of its visitors see it as one of the best restaurants serving Arabic meals and cuisine in Malaysia.

The location of this wonderful restaurant was chosen to be in the region that attracts the largest number of Arab tourists and residents, and it provides a wonderful experience that blends sophistication with Iraqi authenticity rooted in the Middle East.
Samad Restaurant has quickly transformed into one of the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, thanks to its delicious food and meals at prices to suit all tastes. The restaurant is characterized by serving Iraqi food according to its origins, as well as some Levantine dishes, where their dishes are distinguished by using only high quality ingredients and diversifying the options offered to customers.
All visitors notice what distinguishes this restaurant from other restaurants. The interior is tastefully decorated with Arabic ideas that blend with modern Western culture.

Thanks to these famous and delicious dishes, warm hospitality, and elegant and distinctive interior design, the number of customers of the restaurant increased, which made its name shine despite the presence of many Arab restaurants older than it.
In my personal opinion, you can try and taste the food with a relaxed atmosphere in the city during the day, and turn into a romantic with warm mood lighting at night, really a great experience worth repeating.