Top 5 international cuisines you should try in Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur - the capital of Malaysia - is classified as one of the most famous tourist cities around
the world, and considered as the first choice for exhilarating vacations. intended for tourists on
Throughout the year from different parts of the world of different nationalities and ethnicities.
And any tourist must put restaurants on the list of places to search
in the country to which he is traveling, where the restaurants, with the dishes they offer, will represent the country he will visit.
We are here to offer you a list of the most famous international cuisines, to test authentic dishes that takes you on a journey across countries with its different flavors.
  1. Malaysian Cuisine
The first stop that visitors usually visit are the local cuisines, which reflect
Country culture with traditional dishes served.
So it is necessary to pass by one of the Malaysian restaurants that are abundant all over Malaysia.
A traditional experience awaits you in Malaysian restaurants with fresh dishes prepared with rice as The main ingredient in it, and cooking methods vary by adding vegetables and spices, Nuts, meat and various sauces, coconut milk and tamarind can be added to some of it as well, some served on carefully arranged green banana leaves.

2. Arabic Cuisine

Arabic cuisine tops the list of the most popular restaurants around the world, due to the diversity of its dishes and richness with harmonious flavors.
As it is noted in Kuala Lumpur, Arabic restaurants are crowded with local residents and tourists of different nationalities.
And if you really want to taste the Arabic taste in its origins, you should take Samad Al-Iraqi Restaurant as your destination
You are on a date with an exceptional journey that takes you between atmosphere and styled elegant Iraqi design, between the authentic Iraqi kibbeh dishes, to the various types of Iraqi kebabs (whether with pistachios or fresh yoghurt) through the famous dolma,
And vegetarian dishes such as the special eggplant salad, or dried figs salad with Olives, and healthy soup, For example, but not limited, ending with various types of Desirable traditional desserts.
The restaurant is strategically located near the Petronas Towers in the middle of the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Google Map
Samad Al Iraqi Restaurant
03-2181 0602
Open from 12 PM until Midnight

His well-known name is spread on social media and other sites according to the links below:
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Samad al Iraqi Restaurant - G-3 Menara Prestige, 1 Jalan Pinang

3. Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine has a long and varied history, influenced by the Kurdish, Persian, Indian and Arabic cuisines over the years during the emergence of the Turkish Empire taking over many countries.
It is considered one of the most popular cuisines globally, especially among Arabs; because of the closeness to Arabic cuisine with the quality of the food served and its flavors to some extent.
A Turkish meal usually begins with soup, followed by a main course of meat or Fish, served with salad and vegetables, to finish with delicious Turkish sweets.
There are a few simple Turkish restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that are noticed with its elegant Turkish design.

4. Indian Cuisine

If you are a fan of strong flavors and spicy food, then Indian restaurants will be an excellent choice to try.
Indian cuisine is famous for its abundance of oriental spices, especially
(Gram Masala), which is used in most dishes due to its sharpness and flavor at once.
Many types of meat are used in Indian cuisine, chicken and Lamb tends to be the most consumed, in addition to fish consumption in the coastal regions.
Indians living in Malaysia may only go to Indian restaurants, especially the popular Including (Mamak), which offers meals at very low prices, allowing you to experience.

5. Chinese Cuisine

As a result of the historical migrations to Malaysia and the multi-ethnic composition of its population, wide variety of cooking has emerged. As the Chinese ethnicity makes up a third of the population in Malaysia, this contributed to the spread of Chinese restaurants in abundance in Malaysia.
And since it is an Islamic country, you will find many halal Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

In conclusion, we wish you successful trips and special experiences between the different flavors of the world, hoping to have an unforgettable memory in the Malaysian capital.

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